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亮点1:扶贫 poverty alleviation


We will step up targeted poverty alleviation. This year, we will further reduce the poor rural population by over 10 million, including 2.8 million people who are to be relocated from inhospitable areas. We will take targeted measures against corruption and misconduct in poverty alleviation, and improve the methods used in evaluation and oversight.

亮点2:就业 employment


Over 11 million new urban jobs, the surveyed urban unemployment rate within 5.5 percent, and the registered urban jobless rate within 4.5 percent.


The surveyed urban unemployment rate covers rural migrant workers and other permanent urban residents. This year, for the first time we are using this indicator as a projected target; this is intended to give a fuller picture of employment and to better reflect the requirement that development is to be shared by everyone.

亮点3:养老 elderly care


We will deepen reform of the old-age pension system, and establish a central system for enterprise employees' basic old-age pension funds to be used inter-provincially. We will continue raising basic pension payments for retirees and basic pension benefits for rural and non-working urban residents.

亮点4:医疗 medical care


We will deepen comprehensive public hospital reform and make coordinated moves to reform healthcare pricing, staffing and remuneration, medicine distribution, and health insurance payment models.


We will raise the basic medical insurance and serious disease insurance benefits. Per capita government subsidies for basic health insurance for rural and non-working urban residents will be increased by 40 yuan, half of which will be used for the serious disease insurance scheme.

亮点5:教育 education


We will give attention to addressing the problem of heavy extracurricular burdens on primary and secondary school students. We will increase the supply of preschool educational resources through multiple channels and use the internet and other IT-based approaches to strengthen oversight over the whole process of childcare provision, making certain that parents can have peace of mind.

亮点6:住房 housing


We will launch a new three-year renovation plan to address housing in rundown urban areas, starting with construction this year on 5.8 million units. We will step up efforts to supply public-rental housing.


We need to speed up the establishment of a housing system with multiple types of suppliers, multiple channels for housing support, and encouragement for both renting and purchase, so that more people will soon have a place to call home.

亮点7:环保 environmental protection


We will consolidate the gains made in the fight to defend the blue of our skies. This year, we will cut sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions by 3 percent and achieve a continuous decline in PM2.5 density in key areas.

亮点8:个税 personal income tax


We will raise the personal income tax threshold and create expense deductions for items like children's education and treatment for serious diseases, appropriately lightening burdens, and encouraging our people to increase their incomes and achieve prosperity through hard work.

亮点9:新型城镇化 new urbanization


We will pursue better-quality new urbanization. This year, another 13 million people will be registered as permanent urban residents, and we will speed up work on granting permanent urban residency to people from rural areas living in cities.


We will prioritize the development of public transportation, and improve local amenities like food markets and parking facilities.


We will take planned steps to rebuild villages in cities and old residential areas, improve supporting utilities, and encourage the installation of elevators in old residential buildings where conditions permit. We will do more to improve drainage pipeline networks and underground utility tunnels.

亮点10:消费 consumption


We will significantly lower the rates of home broadband, corporate broadband and dedicated internet access services; domestic data roaming charges will be abolished, and rates for mobile internet services will be cut by at least 30 percent.


We will deepen reform of the system of highway tolls and reduce tolls on highways and bridges.


We will lower ticket prices at key state tourist sites.


We will extend preferential policies on purchase tax on new-energy vehicles by another three years, and rescind all local policies that restrict sales of non-local second-hand vehicles.








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