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36. N) saw
37. F) decades
38. H) globally
39. D) chances
40. J) occurs
41. A) additional
42. B) associated
43. G) experiences
44. M) reduce
45. K) populations

How to Eat Well
46. Cooking benefits people in many ways and enables them to connect with one another.
答案:D Shouldn’t preparing—and consuming—food be a source of comfort, pride, health, well-being, relaxation, sociability?…

47. Abundant information about cooking is available either online or on TV.
答案:B It’s not because fresh ingredients are hard to come by…

48. Young people do less cooking at home than the elderly these days.
答案:F. Perhaps a return to real cooking needn’t be far off…

49. Cooking skills can be improved with practice.
答案:O. You don’t have to hit the grocery store daily, nor do you need an abundance of skill…

50. In the mid-20th century, most families ate dinner at home instead of eating out.
答案:G. Back in the 1950s most of us grew up in households where Mom cooked virtually every night…

51. Even those short of time or money should be encouraged to cook for themselves and their family
答案:E. When I talk about cooking, I’m not talking about creating elaborate dinner parties or three-day science projects.…

52. Eating food not cooked by ourselves can cause serious consequences.
答案:J. There have been half-hearted but well-publicized efforts by some food companies to reduce calories in their processed food, but….

53. To eat well and still save money, people should buy fresh food and cook it themselves.
答案:M. To those Americans for whom money is a concern…

54. We get a fairly large portion of calories from fast food and snacks.
答案:C. And yet we aren’t cooking…

55. The popularity of TV led to the popularity of frozen food.
答案:H. Although frozen dinners were invented in the ‘40s, their popularity didn’t boom until televisions became popular a decade or so later…

56. A) It is disappearing.
57. B) electronically.
58. D) Spending money is so fast and easy.
59. A) It represents a change in the modern world.
60. C) He feels reluctant to part with the traditional wallet.
61. A) They are culture-related.
62. C) They get less sleep on public holidays.
63. C) The World Cup.
64. B) They want to get sufficient sleep.
65. B) Few people really know the importance of sleep.

36 G favorite
37 M protest
38 B amount
39 O theories
40 I immediately
41 D crazy
42 F differences
43 J naturally
44 H happening
45 N rejected

The perfect essay
46. The author was advised against the improper use of figures of speech.
答案: I。 She had no patience for brilliant but irrelevant figures of speech.

47. The author’s mother taught him a valuable lesson by pointing out lots of flaws in his seemingly perfect essay.
答案:C。In any event, my mother and her red pen showed me how deeply flawed a flawless essay could be.

48. A writer should polish his writing repeatedly so as to get closer to perfection.
答案:K 。Repeatedly. We do out absolute best with a piece of writing, and come as close as we can to the ideal.

49. Writers may experience periods of time in their life when they just can’t produce anything.
答案:E。For me……writer’s block —— I was not able to produce anything for three years.

50. The author was not much surprised when his school teacher marked his essay as “flawless”.
答案: B。This dream came true for me Of course, I had heard that genius could show itself at an early age, so I was only slightly taken aback that I had achieved perfection at the tender age of 14.

51. Criticizing someone’ s speech is said to be easier than coming up with a better one.
答案:F。……according to Plutarch, “to raise objections against another man’s speech, it is a very easy matter; but to produce a better in its place is a work extremely troublesome.”

52. The author looks upon his mother as his most demanding and caring instructor.
答案:A。……I can identify one truly impossible teacher. She cared about me, and my intellectual life, even when I didn’t.

53. The criticism the author received from his mother changed him as a person.
答案:H。That was when true criticism, the type that changed me as a person, began.

54. The author gradually improved his writing by avoiding fancy language.
答案:J。She trimmed back my flowery language, drew lines through my exclamation marks and argued for…and slowly my writing improved.

55. Constructive criticism gives an author a good start to improve his writing.
答案: G。Genuine criticism creates a precious opening for an author to become better on his own terms……

56. A) Its success is hard to copy anywhere else.
57. B) Lack of the right kind of talents.
58. A) Its location is not as attractive to rich people.
59. D) It is an old city with many sites of historical interest.
60. C)they can do more than providing money
61. C) It may prevent your business and career from advancing.
62. B) Encourage people to disagree and argue.
63. A) To find out the truth about an issue.
64. D) They take care not to hurt each other’s feelings.
65. D) Acknowledge their contribution.

36 J fundamentally
37 G expands
38 O superficial
39 K interpretation
40 B acquired
41 I flows
42 F elements
43 M regard
44 H familiar
45 A accustomed

46 G it will not be difficult
47 D what distinguishes
48 A
49 E
50 K
51 H
52 C
53 I
54 B
55 J
56 C it may have a negative effect on creative work.
57 A they combine clock-based and task-based planning
58 D they tend to be more productive.
59 B it does not attach enough importance to task-based practice
60 A task-based timing is preferred for doing creative work
61.A Her past record might stand in her way to a new life
62. B they are deprived of chances to turn over a new leaf
63. C. they are marginalized in society
64 D a lot of them have negative effects on society
65 B to appeal for changes in America’s criminal justice system





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